Cooking as a therapy

With all these delivering services and restaurant who cook high-class meals, why would you cook for yourself? I mean, isn't it already caveman age to cook by yourself, for your family or spouse? I hear a lot of people how they complain that they hate cooking and just want something to put in the microwave. 5min and you are done. But I think we look at cooking a little bit from a wrong perspective.

I was once at a dinner with different families and there was this woman who said: "I hate with all my heart cooking, it is such an unpleasant experience. But when I see my kid eating what I cooked and she likes it, it gives me such a big pleasure inside that I want to do it more."

Cooking food is an important part of our lives. But we should look at it as an experience and meditation process instead of as an unpleasant part of the day. As a part of the day that allows our brain to disconnect from everything and simply focus on one task. But not simply focusing, but trying to feel the process of cooking and be present in the moment. When you slice that tomato, you can hear how the kife goes through. When you pour oil into the pan and it starts frying. You can feel it burning. This feeling of being present in the moment is what people are missing.

I personally hate cooking sometimes as I am being lazy as everyone else. But when I cook that breakfast and go deep into the process of making it, thinking about details and so on. It brings me an enormous pleasure to simply sit there for 10 min and taste everything I just made.

I believe in the future we will still have food delivery services, but cooking food will be seen more as an escapism. With so much noise in our world growing day by day we will need more pleasant experiences that will be accessible to everyone that can help us disconnect. Imagine we now have all these resorts for where you go and can meditate all day long, get a massage, disconnect and start relaxing. So will be with food and cooking it. Headspace, the meditation app, is doing an amazing job at encouraging people to see cooking as a meditating part of the day. Cooking is just a process of who we are. And our brains are wired to it for thousands of years. We just have to look at it from a different perspective.

Eugen Esanu