Ego is the enemy

Ryan Holiday wrote a wonderful book (highly recommend all of his books) called “Ego is the enemy"  and it is about how ego may ruin what you have achieved so far or in the future. And I can see why he wrote it. A lot of people who achieve something or at least got a taste of it are starting to grow their egos. Like they did it by themselves and don’t need anyone's help anymore. They are waiting for big names at their doors to give them special offers, ask to do an HBO series, ask to be their mentor, you name it.

Hosting my podcast taught me so far that many people have problems with their ego mainly because they expect big names like Forbes or NY Times to ask them for an interview. And not for a guy who just started out. Even though the quality of the show is great.

To get to one of those big names to ask you for an interview, you first have to be on a lot of small names. Why? Well mainly because journalists take their inspiration from these small blogs and you never know when Ariana Huffington is listening to your specific interview at that small podcast show. And it is not only about podcasts, shows or interviews. It is about everything. Your ego, will ruin everything and close all the possible doors for your success. Staying humble even if you achieved something is what will help you to double your results.

Eugen Esanu