Learning as a way of life

I have been watching lately a lot of interviews and videos of famous CEO's that share their wisdom of how they built their companies. It is interesting to watch how almost all great entrepreneurs came from nothing. But what is most interesting to me is that they are all continuously open to new knowledge. They are in constant motion of adapting and learning new stuff. I think you have to love pain for that. Because learning is not that easy, and adapting to a new environment every year is difficult.

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger constantly read and learn new stuff. Jack Ma from Alibaba learns from the young people as they are the future. Gary Vaynerchuk always adapts to the new market environment (new apps, new Facebook algorithm, etc). Learning can happen in different forms, whether reading, mentorship, adapting to new business rules and so on. 

But having that desire and drive for knowledge and not being romantic about how things are done, that is unique. It's not for everyone. Why? Because it is hard and painful.

Eugen Esanu