Meditation on the go

While I was listening to the audiobook of Ray Dalio, Principles and idea struck me the moment he was talking about meditation. Long story short, meditation is recommended by him as a way to channel out the inner creative and get better ideas. Also, be in touch with yourself, as this is one of the keys to success in life.

Rady Dalio was on #AskGaryVee show to promote his book. And Gary Vaynerchuk asked him if you can channel that inner creativity and get in touch with yourself without meditating. Ray Dalio wasn't sure about this question and he did not answer.

But I think I got a grasp of the answer. From what I learned and saw, Gary may seem like a hyperactive workaholic who is on drugs, but actually, he is in the zone. As in meditation, a zone is a place where you just know yourself, you are in touch with yourself, and most important you are relaxed and can reflect on things. There is a saying that most ideas come when you are in the shower or on the toilet, and there is a good reason for that. It is because you are relaxed and feel safe. And to answer Gary's question, yes you can meditate without actually meditating. How is that possible? By analyzing Gary's personality, you can see that he is confident and feels extremely comfortable in his shoes. And he does what I call, a meditation on the go.

Let's deconstruct meditation. Meditation can be defined as a practice where an individual focuses their mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Usually, you have to be in a quiet place and be focused to get into the zone. But why can't you be in that place constantly when it's even noisy all around? I believe you can. How? From what I noticed, it comes from confidence and be in touch with yourself. This is something that is instilled from when you are a child when the brain just begins to form. When you grow, it is hard to do it, and that's why people meditate.

You may say that having a brain that is constantly flowing with ideas and things to do is a brain that does not relax. But I think the best answer here can be given by nature. To quote Bruce Lee "running water never goes stale". If you take a look at a mountain river, it usually has a high water speed. And even if it is in a rush, it remains clean. You can still see the ground, rocks or the fish in there. Why? Because speed, direction gives it clarity. It polishes the road and everything that stands in front of it. Same goes for people and their direction in life. You can be always in the meditating zone if you are in touch with yourself all the time.

And I don't argue that you should not take time off to meditate and think. You do. If you want to catch the fish, you might need to stop the water. But not always.

Eugen Esanu