The billion-dollar technology of Magic Leap

Magic Leap introduced their long awaited and super stealthy product. A pair of goggles inspired from Riddick movie or World Of Warcraft, a vibrator for your hand and a portable CD player. This is $1 bn innovation that will allow you to immerse into AR without going to VR. So it basically becomes easily part of your life and you can interact with real life objects.

If people are going to start buying those goggles as they look right now, and it's going to sell, then I believe you can start packaging crap in a beautiful box and start making money on it. Investing $1 bn dollar into a company and getting that ugly version of goggles is what I consider a waste of money. No geek on the planet will ever wear that thing in a public or even show it to friends. What should I say about an average person? It looks hideous, intimidating, goofy and makes you look really bad. Having to put those goggles on your head, hold a vibrator in your hand and also sticking a portable CD player with you is not how you invest $1bn dollars.

The problem with VR and Magic Leap are that it is still in the early stages. And the only barrier they have to break is how to make it so people can enjoy the technology in groups. And what I mean by that is how can I enjoy the magic leap with a friend who came by and not look like an idiot wearing a Riddick type of glasses.

Let's take as an example Sony Playstation or Xbox. On a Friday evening you call your friend and say: "Hey, wanna come by and play a Fifa?" and then you both enjoy a long night of games. This is what I call real life interaction. For this type of technology to be adapted at mass scale it has either to have same real-life interaction as playing a console with friends or it has to be able to replicate the real-life emotions and feelings into that VR or through those goggles. You need to have that interaction, of giving a high five, spilling a beer by accident, or nudge your friend because he is about to score a goal. Technology should complement our way of interacting with people and not substitute it.

Why they look so bad? Try and google World of Warcraft goggles or Riddick movie and you will see how bad that looks. I think that was the only source of inspiration for the designers from Magic Leap.
People buy beautiful stuff. Or at least good enough looking stuff. But that version of Magic Leap goggles is just not another word than trash.

Wearing contact lenses or attaching a small chip to your head, this is what people are going to use to get into VR or AR. Headsets are just too clunky, hassle to carry with you, you will look foolish, and they will become a pain in the ass to get into VR. Better focus on minimizing the size, rather than adding additional accessories like vibrators into your hand.

Eugen Esanu