The next cryptocurrency that will not dominate the market

The problem around crypto is not the technology but the hype that allows people to make and lose money. We are all trying to predict what will be the next bitcoin that will skyrocket in popularity, make us a million and we can quit the game for the rest of our life. I can see all these articles on Medium "10 reasons why this is the next crypto" "All the reasons on the planet why this will overtake bitcoin" and tons and tons of headlines that claim the same thing.

You miss one important thing here. It is not about the crypto, technology, megabytes, transaction speed & fees. It is about the people behind it. The technology of a certain cryptocurrency can be the most amazing and most promising, but if there is no leader behind it with a vision and who is tested through times than I believe it will not survive. How I judge if a company with "innovative" or "any other marketing bullshit term" is a fad or not? I always look at the management team first. Who runs the company, how they think, how they do it, where they are going, what decisions they are taking, how they face challenges and so on. If you could analyze that instead of titles claiming that the price of X will go 2000%, then you will be more successful not in the sphere of crypto but in business in general. Because business is of course about technology, innovation, sales, etc. But if there is no leader behind it who has a vision and works his ass off to accomplish it, then chances are equal to 0 that it will succeed.

Eugen Esanu